Loungefly Disney Winnie The Pooh Rainy Day 3 Inch Slider Enamel Pin



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  1. Design: The pin showcases Winnie the Pooh, the lovable bear from Disney's Winnie the Pooh franchise, in an adorable rainy day theme. Pooh might be depicted with an umbrella or raincoat, enjoying or perhaps navigating through a rainy day scene.

  2. Enamel and Slider Element: Enamel pins often feature vibrant colors and a glossy finish, while the "slider" aspect might allow for a movable part within the pin design. For instance, Pooh might be able to slide along a track or have a movable umbrella, adding an interactive element to the pin.

  3. Size: This pin is likely around 3 inches in size, making it larger than standard enamel pins. The larger size allows for more intricate details and a more eye-catching appearance.

  4. Limited Edition or Exclusive: Some Loungefly pins are released in limited quantities or as exclusives to certain retailers, making them sought after by collectors.

  5. Packaging: The pin might come attached to a themed backing card or in specialized packaging, making it ideal for display or gifting.

These pins are officially Disney-licensed products.