Loyal Subjects G.I. Joe Series 1 Mini Blind Box Vinyl Figure

Loyal Subjects



Please note that each unit purchased is for one mystery character blind box. 

Yes! Finally some G.I. Joe themed urban vinyl miniature figures to collect. Our lives are now complete. G.I. Joe needs no introduction here, being one the most worshiped 1980's nostalgic cartoons of that decade. The G.I. Joe franchise is still going strong, with various movies and reiterations of the cartoon floating around. And, most importantly, G.I. Joe has never forgotten their fan base when it comes to action figures and merchandise. 

These are the highly anticipated G.I. Joe urban vinyl miniature figures produced by The Loyal Subjects. The Loyal Subjects are one of our favorite companies and they're known for making vinyl miniature figures of high quality. If you are a G.I. Joe fan or a vinyl figure collector, this series is for you.

The G.I. Joe vinyl figures stand roughly about three inches tall and are pure awesome. They are sold in mystery blind box format, so each figure ordered is a surprise. Some figures are rarer than others, which makes unboxing them exciting in and of itself. The G.I. Joe vinyl figures feature articulation and come with weapons that are interchangeable amongst the figures. Sweeeet.

Recommended Age: 15+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 3" X 1 Loyal Subjects G.I. Joe Series 1 Mini Blind Box Vinyl Figure