Marvel Avengers Iron Man Classic Colored Mask Keychain

Monogram International


This is an Iron Man Mask Keychain and it's what is known as fantastic. There's not much more iconic to Iron Man than the symbol of his mask. Running a close second would probably be his arc reactor, and we have a keychain of that as well... laugh. This version of the Iron Man Mask keychain features his classic colors and is very shiny. Iron Man is certainly eye catching in this version. Perhaps, that will help you spot where your keys have run off to easier.

We enjoy Iron Man in any color scheme, but it's no secret that we're keen on his original look. Early Iron Man comic books are still great to this day and call us old fashioned, but Iron Man dressed in red and yellow to us means it's game time and some villain is about to have a bad day.

Unique keychains are just a fun way to express yourself and your interests. This Iron Man Classic Colored keychain will get the job done. So cool.

Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New

Dimensions: 3.5" X 1 Marvel Avengers Iron Man Classic Colored Mask Keychain