Marvin's Magic Mind Reading X-Ray Vision Mini Magic Trick



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This is a Marvin's Magic Mind Reading X-Ray Vision Mini Magic Trick made by the good folks over at MOJO. 

    1. Mind Reading or X-Ray Vision Effect: This magic trick is likely designed to give the illusion that the magician can read the minds of the audience or see through objects, similar to X-ray vision. The magician might appear to accurately guess or reveal information that the audience members are thinking or holding.

    2. Props: The set will include the necessary props or tools to perform the mind-reading or X-ray vision effect. These props may include special cards, devices, or other items that facilitate the illusion.

    3. Instructions: Detailed instructions or a guidebook are typically included to teach magicians how to perform the trick effectively. These instructions guide magicians through the secret techniques and presentation of the illusion.

    4. Quality Props: Marvin's Magic products are known for providing well-made and durable props to ensure they can be used for multiple performances.

A great starting kit for any wannabe magician.

Recommended Age: 6+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed