MEGA Pokemon Piplup And Sneasel's Snow Day Building Set

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Introducing the MEGA Pokemon Piplup and Sneasel's Snow Day Building Set, an exciting and immersive play experience for Pokemon fans of all ages! This building set combines the beloved Pokemon characters Piplup and Sneasel with a winter-themed setting to create a thrilling adventure in the snowy world of Pokemon.

This building set includes a variety of pieces that allow you to construct a vibrant and detailed winter scene. You'll find snow-covered trees, an icy pond, and a charming snowman, setting the stage for Piplup and Sneasel's fun-filled day. The set also includes a buildable sled and a snowboard for the Pokemon duo to enjoy their frosty escapades.

Contains 183 pieces . 

A great building set for any fan of Pokemon. 

Recommended Age: 8+

Condition: Brand New

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