Midnight Moon Dragon Fantasy Safari Ltd

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The Midnight Moon Dragon from Fantasy Safari Ltd is a stunning and detailed figurine that is sure to capture the imagination of any fantasy fan. This majestic dragon stands at just under 4 inches tall and is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring it is both durable and beautiful to behold.

The Midnight Moon Dragon is a perfect representation of the powerful and mystical creatures of the fantasy genre. This figurine is crafted with intricate details that make it a truly unique and inspiring addition to any collection or display.

The dark blue coloration and sparkling gold accents of the Midnight Moon Dragon give it a striking appearance, and the elegant design of its wings and body add to the overall sense of enchantment. The dragon's expressive face is captured in intricate detail, allowing you to appreciate the majesty and intelligence of this mythical creature.

Fantasy Safari Ltd has been producing high-quality, collectible figurines for decades, and their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is evident in every piece they create. The Midnight Moon Dragon is no exception, and it is sure to become a treasured piece in any collector's inventory.

This figurine is perfect for display on a shelf or in a glass case, or as a gift for the fantasy fan in your life. Whether you are a longtime collector or new to the world of fantasy figurines, the Midnight Moon Dragon is a must-have addition to any collection.

Recommended Age: 3+

Dimensions:   8.97" x 5.89" x 3.94"