Minecraft Core Steve Action Figure

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This is the Minecraft Core Steve action figure. Standing about three inches tall and comes with a building block and his trusty pickaxe, it's a great little action figure for the Minecraft enthusiast. Steve is at the center of all things Minecraft so that makes him kind of an essential figure for the Minecraft collection.

Minecraft has steadily been taking over video gaming on all platforms for the last couple of years. Seriously, the popularity of the franchise has become self evident now, as it is a global franchise and available on just about any video game machine. 

One thing that we love about Minecraft, is the generic and understated feel of the main character and protagonist that the player controls. He's Steve. That's it, he's just Steve. The Minecraft world is so creative and filled with endless possibilities of imagination, and yet, the main character is just Steve.

It was a smart move by the creator of Minecraft to understate that element. It's not the character, it's the player that is behind the character. What can you do with Steve? That's what gives him his personality.  

Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 3" X 1 Minecraft Core Steve Action Figure