Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator Mini Figure Set




This is a Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator Mini Figure Set that's produced by the good folks over at Mattel. 

It's awesome! This is essentially a starter kit for anyone interested in stop-motion animation and Minecraft. 

It works like this: setup your characters and environment and take the pictures, one at a time, moving each piece ever so slightly. 

Then use the free downloaded app to edit your Minecraft adventure! Super cool and super easy. 

Comes with 4 mini-figures, 4 background environments, and multiple props and terrain pieces. 

If you've got someone who is interested in producing videos and loves Minecraft, this kit is a great place to start. Neat! 

*Requires smart phone or tablet for the editing and animation. Works on most iPads, iPhones and Android devices with a rear facing camera. 

Recommended Age: 8+

Condition: Brand New