MOJO Shire Foal Horse Animal Figure 387399

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The MOJO Shire Foal Horse Animal Figure with the product number 387399 is a collectible toy figurine of a Shire foal. MOJO is a brand known for producing highly detailed and realistic animal figures.

The Shire horse breed is known for its large size and strength. Shire foals are young Shire horses that are still growing and developing. The MOJO Shire Foal Horse Animal Figure aims to capture the characteristics and appearance of a young Shire horse in a lifelike manner.

The figurine is typically made of high-quality, durable materials such as plastic or resin. It is hand-painted to showcase the intricate details and coloring of the Shire foal, including its coat, mane, and facial features. The size of the figure can vary, but it is generally around a few inches tall or long, depending on the pose and design.