Munchkin Gloom Expansion Card Game

Steve jackson Games


This is the Munchkin Gloom Card Game. Both Muchkin and Gloom are fantastic games in their own right and it's neat to see a combined themed version. 

Just to be clear, Munchkin Gloom is much more of a Gloom game, than it is a Munchkin game. It's compatible and integrates with all existing Gloom games and expansions. It is not compatible with other Munchkin games. 

Now let's talk about Munchkin Gloom. It's awesome! Laugh, it's the typical fun and hilarious game about spreading the most amount of misery upon your characters as possible. Except this time, it's done Munchkin fashion! 

That meas monsters, stealing people's stuff, and making characters expire in very depressing and hilarious ways. 

This one is for the people that have a skewed sense of humor. Awesome!

Recommended Age: 10+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 1 Munchkin Gloom Expansion Card Game