Nacelle Biker Mice From Mars Vinnie 7 Inch Action Figure



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Gear up for intergalactic adventures with the Nacelle Biker Mice From Mars Vinnie Action Figure. Standing at 7 inches tall, this meticulously crafted figure brings the iconic character from the beloved animated series to life. Vinnie comes fully equipped with his signature motorcycle gear and weapons, ready to thwart the nefarious plans of the Plutarkian invaders. With multiple points of articulation, he can strike dynamic poses and recreate thrilling battle scenes. Whether you're a fan of the classic show or a collector of action figures, Vinnie adds a dash of rebel charm to any display or playtime scenario.

  • Iconic Character: Features Vinnie, one of the fearless Biker Mice From Mars, from the cherished animated series.
  • Detailed Design: Sculpted with precision to capture Vinnie's distinctive appearance and personality from the show.
  • 7-Inch Scale: Stands at a convenient 7 inches tall, making it suitable for display or play alongside other action figures.
  • Articulated Joints: Boasts multiple points of articulation, enabling dynamic posing and imaginative play.
  • Includes Accessories: Comes with Vinnie's signature motorcycle gear and weaponry, enhancing the figure's authenticity.
  • Collectible Item: Appeals to fans of Biker Mice From Mars and collectors of nostalgic action figures.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials for durability and longevity.
  • Ideal Gift: Perfect for enthusiasts of retro cartoons, action figure aficionados, or anyone with a fondness for '90s nostalgia.