Ocean Fun Pack Mini Good Luck Figures Safari Ltd

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Dive into a world of aquatic adventure with the Ocean Fun Pack Mini Good Luck Figures from Safari Ltd. This set includes 8 realistic marine animal figures, each with its own unique design and vibrant colors, perfect for playtime or educational activities.

The Ocean Fun Pack Mini Good Luck Figures set includes a dolphin, clownfish, crab, lobster, octopus, ray, seahorse, and shark, all made with durable, non-toxic materials that are safe for kids of all ages. These mini figures are just the right size for small hands to grasp and manipulate, and their intricate details make them great for imaginative play and storytelling.

Not only are these figurines fun to play with, but they can also be used as educational tools in classrooms, homeschooling environments, or even as bath toys. Children can learn about the different sea creatures and their habitats, as well as develop their cognitive and motor skills through tactile play.

Each figure in the Ocean Fun Pack Mini Good Luck Figures set is crafted with precision and attention to detail, bringing to life the diverse beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants. Whether you're creating an undersea world for your child's playtime or adding to a collection of marine figurines, these mini figures are sure to impress with their exceptional quality and authenticity.

Overall, the Ocean Fun Pack Mini Good Luck Figures set is a must-have for any ocean lover, whether you're a child or an adult. It's a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion, and it's sure to bring on hours of fun and imaginative play. So join the adventure and let your child's imagination swim free with these delightful mini figures from Safari Ltd.

Recommended Age: 5+

Dimensions:   4.68" x 3.71" x 0.39"