Pandas Toob Mini Figures Safari Ltd

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The Pandas Toob Mini Figures Safari Ltd is a set of 9 miniature panda figures that are perfect for kids and adults who love collecting animal toys or creating their own little panda world. Each figure measures anywhere between 1.25 to 2.25 inches tall and is made of high quality, durable plastic that will withstand years of play and display.

The set includes a variety of different panda poses and positions, such as a standing panda, a playing panda, and even a panda mother with her cub. Each figure is intricately detailed, capturing the unique features and expressions of these beloved animals, from their black and white fur to their distinctive black eye patches.

One of the great features of the Pandas Toob Mini Figures is their versatility. They can be used for imaginative play, with kids using them to create their own stories and scenarios for the pandas. The set is also perfect for display, with the mini figures looking great on bookshelves, desks, and even in a terrarium or miniature garden.

Another great advantage of the Pandas Toob Mini Figures is that they are a great educational tool. Parents and educators can use the figures to help teach children about pandas, their habitat, diet, and behaviors. The figures are also great for teaching sorting, counting, and other basic math skills.

Overall, the Pandas Toob Mini Figures Safari Ltd is a fantastic collection of high quality, detailed miniature panda figures that are great for kids and adults alike. Whether you're a collector, an educator, or simply someone who loves pandas, this set is sure to provide hours of entertainment and learning opportunities.

Recommended Age: 3+

Dimensions:   2.03" x 2.03" x 12.87"