Pandemic The Board Game

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The board game Pandemic has been increasingly popular since its debut in 2008. Pandemic is unique as it is a cooperative based board game, so the players will have to work together to survive. That idea, in and of itself, is unique and awesome. 

The plot of Pandemic is that four diseases have broken out in the world and it's up to the players to stop them. Each player will chose a different character and each will have their own strengths and weaknesses. It'll be important to figure out how to best utilize each other, for maximum effectiveness. 

In the game Pandemic, you're all going to either win or lose, so you'd better make some informed decisions. A great game, and loads of fun. 

Requires 2 to 4 players

Game Play is around 45 minutes for Pandemic The Board Game

Recommended Age: 8+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed