Playmobil 123 Adventure Tower With Ice Cream Stand Building Set



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Playmobil 123 Adventure Tower With Ice Cream Stand Building Set
  1. Key Features:

    1. Adventure Tower: The focal point of this building set is the Adventure Tower, a multi-level structure filled with captivating elements. Featuring vibrant colors and easy-to-manipulate components, the tower presents various play zones for young children to explore. Climbing the tower, sliding down, and uncovering hidden compartments encourage tactile exploration and coordination.

    2. Ice Cream Stand: Adjacent to the tower is an adorable ice cream stand, where kids can engage in pretend play by serving and enjoying imaginary ice cream treats. This aspect encourages role-playing, social interaction, and the development of communication skills as children interact with their own narratives around buying and selling ice cream.

    3. Tailored Toddler Figures: The set includes Playmobil 123 figures specifically designed for tiny hands. These chunky, easy-to-grasp figures represent relatable characters such as children, animals, and even an ice cream vendor. Their design ensures a secure and enjoyable play experience, fostering sensory development and imaginative engagement

Recommended Age: 1.5+

Condition: Brand New