Playmobil 123 Number Merry Go Round Building Set



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Playmobil 123 Number Merry Go Round Building Set

Key Features:

  1. Merry Go Round Playset: The set includes a merry-go-round with vibrant colors and child-friendly designs. The merry-go-round has numbered seats, each corresponding to a specific number.

  2. Numbered Animal Figures: The set comes with numbered animal figures that can be placed on the seats of the merry-go-round. Each animal corresponds to a number, helping toddlers learn and recognize numbers while engaging in play.

  3. Interactive Learning: As children place the animal figures on the seats with matching numbers, they are introduced to basic counting and number recognition concepts in an interactive and hands-on manner.

  4. Fine Motor Skills: The set promotes the development of fine motor skills as toddlers grasp and manipulate the animal figures, place them on the seats, and interact with the merry-go-round's moving parts.

  5. Colorful and Safe Design: The Playmobil 123 sets are designed with toddlers' safety in mind. The set features rounded edges, chunky pieces, and non-toxic materials, ensuring a safe and enjoyable play experience.

Recommended Age: 1.5+

Condition: Brand New