Playmobil 123 Rocking Snail With Rattle Feature Building Set



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Playmobil 123 Rocking Snail With Rattle Feature Building Set

  1. Key Features:

    1. Rocking Snail Base: The centerpiece of the set is a snail-shaped base that rocks back and forth. This rocking motion adds an element of playfulness and sensory engagement for toddlers.

    2. Snail Figure: The set includes a friendly snail figure that can be placed on the rocking base. The snail is designed with bright colors and child-friendly features to capture a toddler's attention.

    3. Rattle Feature: The snail figure often includes a rattle feature, creating a gentle sound as it's moved or played with. This auditory stimulation is appealing to young children and enhances their sensory experience.

    4. Fine Motor Skills: The set encourages the development of fine motor skills as toddlers grasp the snail figure, place it on the rocking base, and explore its features.

    5. Sensory Play: The combination of rocking motion, vibrant colors, and rattling sound offers a multi-sensory play experience that keeps toddlers engaged and entertained.

Recommended Age: 1.5+

Condition: Brand New