Playmobil Advent Calendar Novelmore Dario's Workshop 70778



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The "Playmobil Advent Calendar Novelmore Dario's Workshop 70778" is part of Playmobil's Advent Calendar series, which offers themed playsets designed for the holiday season. Here's an overview of what you can expect from this specific Advent calendar:

1. Advent Calendar Theme: Advent calendars are designed to count down the days to Christmas, typically from December 1st to December 24th. Each day, a new surprise or item can be opened or revealed. In this case, the theme of the calendar is based on the Novelmore series, a Playmobil medieval/fantasy-themed line.

2. Dario's Workshop: This specific Advent calendar revolves around Dario's Workshop, which is a character or location from the Novelmore series. The calendar likely includes various items and accessories related to the workshop and the story.

3. Playmobil Figures and Accessories: The calendar includes Playmobil figures and related accessories. You can expect figures representing characters from the Novelmore series, as well as tools, workshop items, and other surprises.

4. Interactive Countdown: Advent calendars are meant to be opened daily as a countdown to Christmas. Each day, you'll open a new compartment to reveal a surprise or item, which can be used to create scenes, scenarios, and imaginative play.