Playmobil City Life Meteorology Class Building Set



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  1. Key features of a Playmobil City Life Meteorology Class Building Set include:

    1. Classroom Setting: The set would likely feature a classroom environment with desks, chairs, a teacher's desk, and various educational elements related to meteorology.

    2. Meteorology Equipment: To enhance the play experience, the set could include meteorological instruments such as a weather vane, anemometer, barometer, and other tools used to measure and study weather conditions.

    3. Figures and Accessories: The set might include Playmobil figures representing students, a teacher, and possibly additional characters like a visiting meteorologist or scientist. Accessories could include textbooks, maps, charts, and more.

    4. Educational Focus: If the set is designed for educational play, it would likely aim to introduce children to basic concepts of meteorology and weather science in a playful and engaging way.

Recommended Age: 1.5+

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