Playmobil Country Cat Family Building Set



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Playmobil Country Cat Family Building Set

  1. Key Features:

    1. Cat Figures: The set includes a variety of cat figures, each representing different members of a cat family. These figures often include kittens, adults, and possibly a parent cat. The detailed design of the cats adds to the play value.

    2. Cat Accessories: The set may include accessories such as a feeding bowl, milk bottle, or a cozy bed for the cats. These accessories enhance the play experience by allowing children to simulate different aspects of caring for cats.

    3. Family Dynamic: The cat family set introduces the concept of family and relationships through the interaction between the parent and kitten figures. Children can role-play scenarios involving parental care, playtime, and family bonding.

    4. Imaginative Play: Kids can create their own stories and scenarios involving the cat family. This type of play fosters creativity, storytelling skills, and empathy as they imagine the lives of these furry friends.

    5. Fine Motor Skills: Interacting with the figures and accessories, placing the kittens in the bed or arranging them for play, contributes to the development of fine motor skills.

Recommended Age: 1.5+

Condition: Brand New