Playmobil Country Farmers Cargo Bike Building Set



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Playmobil Country Farmers Cargo Bike Building Set
Key Features:
      1. Cargo Bike: The central feature of the set is a cargo bike that the farmer can use to transport various items around the farm. The bike is designed with a storage compartment or basket for carrying supplies.

      2. Farmer Figure: The set includes a Playmobil farmer figure complete with appropriate clothing and accessories. The farmer is ready to tackle farm chores and interact with the cargo bike.

      3. Farm Accessories: The set comes with a variety of farm-related accessories such as crates, fruits, vegetables, and other items that the farmer can load onto the cargo bike.

      4. Imaginative Play: Children can create their own farm stories and scenarios as they engage in role-playing activities involving the farmer, the cargo bike, and the accessories. This fosters creativity and storytelling skills.

      5. Fine Motor Skills: Manipulating the farmer figure, loading items onto the cargo bike, and arranging the scene contribute to the development of fine motor skills.

      6. Educational Value: While primarily centered around play, the set introduces children to the concept of farm work, transportation, and the daily tasks of a farmer.

Recommended Age: 1.5+

Condition: Brand New