Playmobil Country Hen House Building Set



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Playmobil Country Hen House Building Set

  1. Key Features:

    1. Hen House: The centerpiece of the set is a hen house, complete with a nesting area, perches, and a cozy shelter for the chickens. The design reflects the architecture of traditional farm buildings.

    2. Chicken Figures: The set includes a variety of chicken figures, each with unique details and poses. Children can place these figures in the hen house, allowing them to simulate caring for the chickens and observing their behaviors.

    3. Accessories for Chicken Care: The set comes with accessories such as feed troughs, eggs, and baskets. These accessories enable kids to engage in role-playing scenarios like feeding the chickens, collecting eggs, and tending to their needs.

    4. Farm Character Figures: Playmobil figures of farm characters, such as farmers or farm workers, are often included in such sets. These figures can engage in various farm-related activities, enhancing imaginative play.

    5. Educational Value: The Hen House Building Set introduces children to basic concepts of animal care, responsibility, and the importance of farming. It provides a hands-on way to learn about the role of chickens in agriculture.

Recommended Age: 1.5+

Condition: Brand New