Playmobil History Ulysses And Circe Building Set 70468



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  1. Playmobil History Ulysses And Circe Building Set 70468

      1. 1. Mythological Theme: This set is based on a mythological theme, specifically the story of Ulysses (also known as Odysseus) and Circe from Greek mythology. Ulysses was a legendary Greek hero known for his adventures, and Circe was a sorceress who played a significant role in his story.

        2. Building Set: Like most Playmobil sets, this set is likely to include components that need to be assembled to create a scene or environment related to the myth of Ulysses and Circe. This could involve building structures or settings that represent key elements of the story.

        3. Play Figures: The set will come with highly detailed Playmobil figures representing Ulysses and Circe, as well as any other characters or creatures involved in their story. These figures often come with accessories and clothing relevant to the theme.

    mended Age: 1.5+

Condition: Brand New