Playmobil Naruto Shippuden Naruto Vs Pain Building Set 70667



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Playmobil Naruto Shippuden Naruto Vs Pain Building Set 70667


  1. Detailed Scene: The set likely includes a detailed diorama or backdrop that represents a specific scene from the Naruto series. It could depict elements of the Hidden Leaf Village or other settings where the battle between Naruto and Pain took place.

  2. Naruto and Pain Figures: The set will likely feature highly detailed Playmobil figurines of Naruto and Pain in their signature poses or battle stances. These figures may have unique accessories and designs that capture the essence of their characters from the series.

  3. Battle Accessories: Expect accessories that enhance the battle scene, such as energy effects, weapons, or other thematic items that represent the intense combat between Naruto and Pain.

  4. Interactive Elements: Playmobil sets often incorporate interactive elements. This set might have movable parts, action features, or other interactive components that allow kids to simulate the battle and create dynamic scenes.

  5. Collectible Appeal: Fans of Naruto Shippuden may find this set appealing as a collector's item due to its portrayal of a significant moment from the series, providing a way to relive and display the iconic battle.