Playmobil Novelmore Burnham Raiders Battering Ram Building Set



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Playmobil Novelmore Burnham Raiders Battering Ram Building Set

  1. Battering Ram: The central piece of the set is the Battering Ram, a siege weapon used by the Burnham Raiders to breach enemy defenses. It is equipped with movable parts and might feature a ramming mechanism for pretend-play action.

  2. Burnham Raider Figures: The set typically includes several Playmobil figures representing the Burnham Raiders. These characters have unique accessories, weapons, and armor, allowing kids to create diverse scenarios and role-play scenarios.

  3. Accessories and Defenses: Additional accessories such as shields, weapons, flags, barriers, or other defensive elements might be included to enhance the play experience and help create an immersive battlefield setting.

  4. Construction and Assembly: The set usually requires assembly, allowing children to practice fine motor skills while following instructions to build the battering ram and other included components.

  5. Creative Play: With its focus on imaginative storytelling and battles, this set encourages kids to engage in creative play, strategizing battles, and inventing their own stories within the Novelmore universe.