Playmobil Sports And Action Hang Glider Starter Pack 71079



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The "Playmobil Sports and Action Hang Glider Starter Pack 71079" is part of the Playmobil Sports and Action series, which offers playsets centered around various sports and action-themed activities. Here's an overview of what you can expect from this specific Playmobil set:

1. Hang Glider Theme: This set is designed with a hang glider theme, allowing children to engage in imaginative play related to hang gliding and outdoor adventures.

2. Playmobil Starter Pack: Playmobil starter packs are typically designed to provide a basic introduction to a specific theme or activity. In the case of the Hang Glider Starter Pack, it likely includes essential components to set up a hang gliding scenario.

3. Play Figures and Accessories: The set includes Playmobil figures representing hang gliders and other relevant characters. It may also come with accessories such as the hang glider itself, helmets, and other items related to the activity.

4. Outdoor Sports Theme: Playmobil Sports and Action sets often incorporate elements related to outdoor sports and activities, encouraging children to explore sports and outdoor adventures.