Playmobil Top Agents Spy Camera Set 4879



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  1. Playmobil Top Agents Spy Camera Set 4879

      1. 1. Spy Theme: This set is designed with a spy and espionage theme, and it includes various spy-related elements and accessories to create exciting spy adventures.

        2. Playmobil Building Set: Playmobil sets typically involve assembling and customizing the components to create a play environment. In the case of the Spy Camera Set, it may include a spy headquarters or a spy vehicle.

        3. Spy Camera: As the name suggests, the central feature of this set is a spy camera. This could be a surveillance camera, hidden camera, or some other type of camera-related equipment, which can be used in spy missions or for creative play scenarios.

    mended Age: 1.5+

Condition: Brand New