Pokemon Trading Card Game My First Battle Starter Set



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Perfect for newcomers and aspiring Pokémon trainers, the My First Battle Starter Set is a gateway to the captivating world of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. This set serves as an excellent introduction, providing everything needed for an exciting and easy-to-grasp Pokémon battle experience. With a rule book, pre-constructed decks of 17 cards each, and 2 playmats, beginners can swiftly learn the basics and dive into thrilling matches, mastering the fundamentals of the TCG in no time.

Featuring iconic Pokémon characters and straightforward gameplay mechanics, this starter set is an ideal entry point for young players or those new to the TCG universe. It encourages strategic thinking, fosters engagement, and sparks a passion for collecting and battling Pokémon cards. Unveil the excitement of the Pokémon Trading Card Game with the My First Battle Starter Set, igniting a lifelong love for Pokémon and strategic gaming.

  • PLEASE NOTE: There are two different boxes chosen at random: the Pikachu edition or the Charmander edition.