Power Rangers Heroes Of The Grid The Board Game



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This is Power Rangers Heroes Of The Grid The Board Game made by the good people over at Renegade Games.

Power Rangers Heroes Of The Grid is a cooperative board game that challenges your team of Power Rangers, each with your own unique combat deck, to work together and fight off the incoming horde. Included in the core game box are brutal baddies like Rita Repulsa, Pudgy Pig, and Madame Woe, as well as relentless swarms of Putty Patrollers for the Mighty Morphin team to tackle.

A great casually competitive game!

Includes 5 Ranger Figures, 5 Character Cards, 50 Combat Cards, 24 Foot Soldier Figures, 20 Foot Soldier Enemy Cards, 4 Monster Figures, 4 Monster Deployment Cards, 32 Monster Enemy Cards, 1 Boss Figure, 1 Boss Deployment Card, 8 Boss Enemy Cards, 5 Location Boards, 6 Combat Dice, 20 Damage tokens, 15 Energy tokens, 12 Action tokens, 4 Panic tokens, 1 Lead Ranger token, 1 Power Board, 1 Megazord token, 1 Power Marker, and 6 Zord Cards.

Game Time: 45 - 60 minutes

Players: 2 - 5

Recommended Age: 14+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed