Ravensburger Star Wars Villainous Scum And Villainy



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  • Immerse yourself in the dark side of the Force with Ravensburger's Star Wars Villainous Scum and Villainy board game.
  • Play as infamous characters such as Darth Vader, Jabba the Hutt, or Boba Fett, each with their own unique abilities and objectives.
  • Strategically move your character across the galaxy, recruiting allies, completing missions, and sabotaging your opponents.
  • Enjoy stunning artwork and thematic components that bring the Star Wars universe to life on your tabletop.
  • Experience a new level of replayability with asymmetrical gameplay, offering different paths to victory for each villain.
  • Expand your gaming experience with optional expansions and new villain characters to play with.
  • Perfect for fans of Star Wars looking for a challenging and immersive board game experience.