Rick And Morty Total Rickall Card Game

Bezier Games


This is the Rick And Morty Total Rickall Card Game that is produced by Cryptozoic. 

The game features a basic fully cooperative mode and an advanced mode, where there are two teams. In the advanced mode, players will be dealt a hidden role as either Real or a Parasite. The Parasite players must try to keep at least one parasite alive in the end (keeping yourself alive is the easiest way to do this). The Real players must root out the Parasites to win.

Now you can shoot the other players! But if you accidentally shoot a Real player, there are consequences... There is no player elimination, however. A player's secret identity might change, though.

Requires 2 to 5 players

Gameplay time is around 20-30 minutes

Recommended Age: 15

Condition: Brand New and Sealed