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The River Toob Mini Figures by Safari Ltd brings the wonderful aquatic creatures of rivers right to your homes. The set includes 10 different hand-painted miniature figures that depict animals such as river otters, beavers, alligators, and more.

These miniatures are made from non-toxic and BPA-free materials that ensure safety, which is perfect for parents with toddlers and young children. The high-quality toys are designed with accurate detailing modeled closely after real creatures found in the wilds, providing an educational experience for kids as they play.

The River Toob Mini Figures set is portable and easy to carry toys that can be enjoyed both indoor and outdoor. It is a great tool for kids to learn about aquatic creatures and encourage conversations about our planet's unique biodiversity. The figures are 1 to 2 inches big that makes them the perfect size for small hands. The set is suitable for kids ages three and up.

Collecting the River Toob and other toy series by Safari Ltd is also a fun hobby for kids, as it provides imaginative play and makes their learning environment wider. Encouraging children to cultivate a love for wildlife through play is a significant step towards raising the next generation of environmentally-aware individuals. Safari Ltd River Toob Mini Figures does just that - providing a fun and educational toy for kids to explore and spark their curiosity.

In conclusion, Safari Ltd River Toob Mini Figures set is a perfect gift for parents who want to encourage their children to learn about river animals and enjoy playful activities. This set will make the perfect addition to any playroom, and inspire the imagination of kids as well as caters to their love for animals. With the quality and durability of the figures, this set is sure to provide tremendous value and entertainment for years to come.

Recommended Age: 3+