Robo Force Very Important Toys Maxx 89 Action Figure



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This is a Robo Force Very Important Toys Maxx 89 Action Figure made by the good people over at Nacelle Toys.

Maxx 89 was destined to be the latest and greatest in law enforcement (he was literally built to do it), but on the day before his first patrol, the UTOPIA101 line was revealed to theo9ii9 world. Maxx 89 was quietly reassigned to the traffic beat. Despite his best efforts to conform, Maxx 89's passion for crime fighting, along with a growing distrust of  UTOPIA101, lead Maxx down a path into other, unauthorized, lines of police work. This would create problems. A LOT of problems. 

Maxx 89 returns as part of the VERY Important Toy line from The Nacelle Company! This VERY Important Toy is a deluxe, articulated, 7.5” tall action figure, packaged in its own Graphene - inspired collector-friendly window-box.

Perfect for any fan of Nacelle Toys!

Recommended Age: 15+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 7.5" X Robo Force Very Important Toys Wrecker Action Figure