Robotime Rokr Musical Instrument Electric Guitar Wooden Model Kit



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  • Strumming in Style: Dive into the world of musical craftsmanship with the Robotime Rokr Musical Instrument Electric Guitar Wooden Model Kit. This unique DIY kit allows you to construct a detailed wooden model of an electric guitar, combining the art of woodworking with the passion for music.

  • Precision Wooden Pieces: Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly wood, the precision-cut pieces ensure a seamless and satisfying assembly process. Immerse yourself in the craftsmanship as you bring the electric guitar to life, capturing its iconic design.

  • Functional and Aesthetic: The model not only boasts an authentic representation of an electric guitar's design but also features a functional aspect. Experience the joy of creating a wooden model that pays homage to both the aesthetic and musical aspects of this beloved instrument.

  • Educational and Engaging: Ideal for both musical enthusiasts and crafters, this building set offers an educational journey into the anatomy of an electric guitar. Gain insights into the components and structure while enjoying the hands-on building experience.