Schleich Badger Animal Figure 14842



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Delve into the fascinating world of wildlife with the Schleich Badger Animal Figure 14842. This highly detailed and lifelike figurine captures the distinctive features of the badger, showcasing its stout body, distinctive black-and-white facial markings, and powerful claws. Crafted with precision and meticulous attention to detail, the Schleich Badger Figure allows you to explore the wonders of the animal kingdom and adds a touch of realism to your collection or educational displays. The figurine measures approximately 3.25 inches (8 cm) in length, making it a perfect size for hands-on play, nature dioramas, or as an engaging educational tool for learning about these nocturnal creatures.

Measuring at approximately 3.25 inches (8 cm) in length, the Schleich Badger Animal Figure 14842 is an impressive representation of this elusive and distinctive mammal. The figurine is meticulously sculpted, capturing the badger's characteristic features and allowing enthusiasts of all ages to appreciate the beauty of wildlife up close. Whether used as a standalone piece, integrated into a nature-themed display, or employed for educational purposes, this Schleich Badger Figure serves as a captivating addition to any collection, providing both entertainment and opportunities for learning about the natural world.

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