Scorpion Hidden Kingdom Figure Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd



Scorpions are fascinating. Predatory arthropods, Scorpions are scary to us two leg walkers. Mostly poisonous, they even look scary. Pincher arms and a stinging tail, Scorpions interest kids and adults alike. An interesting fact about scorpions is that some of them will glow under a black light, due to the presence of florescence chemicals in their bodies. 

This is scorpion figure from a line of toys called Hidden Kingdoms, by Safari Ltd. Safari Ltd. is known for making quality figures of animals, insects, and a wide range of creatures. This particular scorpion figure is quite large, measuring about six inches in length and three and a half inches wide.

The detail on this scorpion figure is well done, as is the Safari Ltd. standard. Vividly colored, this scorpion figure stands out and captures that quintessential look of a scorpion.

Recommended Age: 5+

Condition: Brand New

Dimensions:  6.44" x 3.32" x 2.93" X 1 Scorpion Hidden Kingdom Figure Safari Ltd