Slamwich The Card Game



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This is Slamwich the Card Game that is produced by Game Wright. Slamwich The Card Game is exactly what it sounds like, there's sandwiches and some slamming! Don't let the easy concept fool you. Slamwich has won the prestigious Oppenheim Best Toy Award. The reason is for the fast paced, interactive style of gameplay that is always a hit with the younger ones. 

The gameplay is about constructing a proper sandwich, all out of a communal pile of ingredients, and this is done by recognizing things that go together and being the first player to slap your hand down. In Slamwich there's also some action cards that randomize the game and shake things up. 

Slamwich is a great card game for the youngsters, and the adults playing along might just have too much fun. 

Requires 2 to 6 players for Slamwich The Card Game

Game Play is around 20 minutes

Recommended Age: 6+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed