Small World The Board Game

Days Of Wonder


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This is Small World The Board Game that is produced by Days of Wonder. Small World is a hilarious take on the civilization game genre. It's a game that puts 2-5 players in control of a board that is simply too small to accommodate all of them! Laugh, fantasy races, special powers, expanding empires and weak neighbors is what makes Small World an interesting experience. 

Small World is a large and in-depth game. It features 2 double sided gameboards, 14 different fantasy races to play with corresponding banners and tokens, 20 Special Power Badges, Troll Lairs, Mountains, Fortresses, Encampments, Holes-in-the-ground, 2 Heroes, A Dragon, Along with Victory Coins, 6 Player Summary Sheets, A Reinforcement Die, Rules Booklet and A Days of Wonder Online Access Number.

In short, Small World is everything but small. Designed by Philippe Keyaerts and super cool. 

Requires 2 to 5 players for Small World The Board Game

Game Play is from 40 to 80 Minutes

Recommended Age: 8+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed