Spice Box Mind Games Set

Spice Box


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This is a Spice Box Mind Games Set made by the good people over at Spice Box.

  1. Brain Teasers: These are typically puzzles or riddles that require creative and critical thinking to solve. They can range from classic riddles to more complex challenges.

  2. Strategy Games: This may include board games like chess or strategic card games, which are excellent for developing problem-solving and planning skills.

  3. Sudoku: A number puzzle game that tests your logical reasoning and pattern recognition abilities.

  4. Crossword Puzzles: Word puzzles that challenge your vocabulary and general knowledge.

  5. Mazes: Solving mazes can help improve your spatial reasoning and patience.

  6. Memory Games: These games are designed to improve memory and concentration, often involving matching pairs or sequences.

  7. Logic Puzzles: These puzzles require deductive reasoning and logical thinking to arrive at a solution.

Recommended Age: 4+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed