Spice Box Science Lab Dinosaurs Unearthed Set

Spice Box


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This is a Spice Box Science Lab Dinosaurs Unearthed Set made by the good people over at Spice Box.

    1. Dinosaur Fossils: The kit typically includes replica dinosaur fossils or bones, which are used in various activities to mimic the process of paleontologists uncovering fossils.

    2. Excavation Tools: Tools such as brushes, chisels, and other excavation tools to simulate the process of digging up fossils.

    3. Instructional Guide: An informative and easy-to-follow instructional guide or booklet that provides step-by-step instructions for conducting dinosaur-related experiments. It may also contain educational content about dinosaurs and paleontology.

    4. Educational Content: Information about various dinosaur species, their characteristics, and the history of paleontology. This content helps children understand the science and history behind dinosaurs.

    5. STEM Activities: The set often focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts and activities, encouraging hands-on learning.

    6. Experiment Components: Additional materials and components required for specific experiments or activities related to dinosaurs.

    7. Storage: Some sets include a storage case or container to keep the materials organized and easily accessible.

Recommended Age: 4+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed