Spin Master DC Trench Coat Batman 12 Inch Action Figure

Spin Master


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  1. Size and Scale: The mention of "12 Inch" suggests that this action figure is likely a 12-inch scale figure, which is a standard size for many action figures.

  2. DC Comics Theme: Being a "DC Trench Coat Batman" figure indicates that it features Batman, a popular character from DC Comics, and that Batman is depicted wearing a trench coat.

  3. Articulation: Action figures typically have multiple points of articulation, allowing for various poses and dynamic displays.

  4. Accessories: Batman action figures often come with accessories related to the character, such as weapons, gadgets, or additional costume elements.

  5. Detail and Design: Spin Master is known for producing detailed and well-designed toys, so the figure may have a high level of detail in terms of sculpting and paint application.


Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New