Spin Master HEXBUG Battlebots Rivals Platinum Set

Spin Master


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The Spin Master HEXBUG BattleBots Rivals Platinum Set is an exciting and action-packed robotic combat toy set inspired by the popular television show "BattleBots." Here are the key features of this set:

  1. BattleBots Replicas: The Platinum Set includes two BattleBots replicas, each with its own unique design and weaponry, just like the real robots from the TV show. These replicas are designed for head-to-head combat.

  2. Remote Control: You can control the BattleBots using the included remote controls. These remotes allow you to maneuver the robots, activate their weapons, and engage in battles against each other.

  3. Realistic Combat: The robots are equipped with realistic combat features, including spinning blades, hammers, and other destructive weaponry, making battles highly competitive and thrilling.

  4. Durable Construction: The BattleBots replicas are built to withstand the rigors of combat, with durable materials that can endure collisions and clashes during battles.

  5. Interactive Play: The HEXBUG BattleBots set is not just about battling; it's also about strategy. Players can strategize and execute attacks, defend against opponents, and ultimately outmaneuver their rivals in intense robot combat.

  6. Customizable Armor: Depending on the specific set, the robots may have customizable armor pieces that can be added or removed to adjust the balance and performance of the robots.