Spin Master HEXBUG Battlebots Rivals Set

Spin Master


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The Spin Master HEXBUG Battlebots Rivals Set delivers the excitement of the BattleBots TV show right into your own living room. This thrilling set allows you to engage in epic robot battles with two remote-controlled machines inspired by the popular BattleBots competition. Equipped with various weapons and strategies, you can pit your robots against each other, testing your piloting skills and strategic thinking in the ultimate robotic combat showdown. 

Whether you're a BattleBots enthusiast or looking for an exciting and competitive activity, this set provides hours of entertainment, allowing you to recreate the intensity of the arena right at home. Get ready for some fierce, action-packed battles with the HEXBUG Battlebots Rivals Set and see if you have what it takes to emerge as the victorious bot builder.