Spin Master HEXBUG Nano Zone Nano Micro Robotic Creatures Set

Spin Master


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The Spin Master HEXBUG Nano Zone Nano Micro Robotic Creatures Set is a fun and interactive playset featuring miniature robotic creatures known as HEXBUG Nanos. Here are the key features of this set:

  1. HEXBUG Nanos: HEXBUG Nanos are tiny, highly-mobile robotic creatures that mimic the behavior of real insects. They are known for their random movements and fast, unpredictable scurrying.

  2. Play Environment: The Nano Zone set typically includes an enclosed play environment or habitat where the HEXBUG Nanos can interact. This habitat often features walls, obstacles, and tracks to create a dynamic and engaging play area.

  3. Multiple Nanos: The set may come with multiple HEXBUG Nanos, allowing you to have multiple creatures scurrying around in the habitat at the same time. These robotic insects can interact with each other and the habitat's features.

  4. Customizable Habitat: Many Nano Zone sets are modular, meaning you can customize and rearrange the habitat elements to create different mazes and environments for your Nanos to explore.

  5. Battery-Powered: The HEXBUG Nanos are powered by small batteries and are usually equipped with vibration mechanisms that propel them forward and cause their unpredictable movements.

  6. Collectible: HEXBUG Nano creatures and playsets are often collectible items, with a variety of creature designs and playsets available. You can expand your collection by acquiring different Nanos and habitats.