Spin Master Rubik's Phantom Heat Sensitive Color Reveal 3x3 Cube

Spin Master


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The Spin Master Rubik's Phantom Heat Sensitive Color Reveal 3x3 Cube is a unique and modern twist on the classic Rubik's Cube puzzle. This innovative version of the iconic cube offers an exciting and interactive experience that adds a new dimension to solving the puzzle.

Key Features:

  1. Heat-Sensitive Color Reveal: The standout feature of this Rubik's Cube is its heat-sensitive technology. When you touch the cube or expose it to heat, the surface changes color to reveal the hidden patterns or solution underneath. This adds an extra layer of challenge and intrigue to the traditional puzzle.

  2. Classic 3x3 Design: The Rubik's Phantom Cube maintains the familiar 3x3 cube structure, meaning it has three layers in each dimension, providing a moderate level of complexity suitable for both beginners and experienced cubers.

  3. Unique Patterns: The cube features various hidden patterns and designs underneath its initial surface. The challenge is not only to solve the cube but also to reveal and appreciate the hidden artwork as you manipulate it.

  4. Educational and Fun: Like the original Rubik's Cube, the Phantom Cube offers intellectual stimulation and promotes problem-solving skills. It's a great tool for honing your puzzle-solving abilities and spatial reasoning.