Spin Master Tech Deck 25th Anniversary Pack

Spin Master


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The Spin Master Tech Deck 25th Anniversary Pack is a special edition fingerboard skateboard set designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tech Deck, a popular brand known for bringing the world of skateboarding to your fingertips. This anniversary pack includes a variety of features and components that make it a must-have for both collectors and avid fingerboard enthusiasts. Here's a detailed product description:

1. Iconic Skateboards: The Tech Deck 25th Anniversary Pack includes a collection of miniature replica skateboards, featuring iconic designs from the past 25 years. These skateboards faithfully capture the look and graphics of real-world skateboard decks, making them perfect for display and play.

2. Authentic Details: Each miniature skateboard in the set is designed with authentic details, such as grip tape, trucks, and wheels, just like real skateboards. This attention to detail ensures a realistic and enjoyable fingerboarding experience.

3. Special Edition Features: To commemorate the 25th anniversary, this pack may include limited-edition decks, graphics, or additional accessories that are exclusive to this set, adding to its collector's appeal.