Square Enix Final Fantasy IX Kuja And Amarant Coral Figure Set

Square Enix


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This is a Final Fantasy IX Kuja And Amarant Coral Figure Set that is produced by Square Enix.

This set contains a Kuja and Amarant Coral figure! Kuja stands about 6.5 inches tall, and Amarant stands about 7.2 inches tall. Both figures come with fun accessories! 

Kuja’s presence seen in the game is brought to life, with his mysterious yet collected facial expression to his alluring outfit. The same care went in to Amarant, as his signature fire-red dreadlocks and fine details like the salamander tattoos on his shoulders are accurately recreated.

Accessories include Amarant’s weapon “Cat’s Claws,” and various interchangeable head and hand pieces, which make for dynamic poses to recapture memorable scenes from the game. This set is truly a sight to behold.

Great for any Final Fantasy fan!

Recommended Age: 15+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed