Squishable Baphomet 12 Inch Plush



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Introducing the Squishable Baphomet 12 Inch Plush, a one-of-a-kind and enigmatic addition to your plush collection. This plush toy takes inspiration from the mythological figure, Baphomet, with a whimsical twist. At 12 inches in size, it's both visually striking and incredibly huggable. Crafted with Squishable's renowned softness, it's a plush that's both charming and mysterious, perfect for those who appreciate the unusual and the extraordinary.

The Squishable Baphomet plush is not just a cuddly companion; it's a conversation piece, a collectible, and an intriguing piece of decor. Whether you're an aficionado of the arcane, a collector of unique plush toys, or someone who enjoys embracing the unconventional, this plush is here to bring a touch of mystique and whimsy to your space. Add the Squishable Baphomet 12 Inch Plush to your collection for a plush companion that's both bewitching and charming.