Squishable Grim Reaper Snacker 7 Inch Plush Figure



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Squishable Grim Reaper Snacker 7 Inch Plush Figure

Contrary to mainstream belief, very few Reapers are "Grim," per se. Sure, there's an amount of spookiness that comes with the job of shepherding souls, but most Reapers have plenty of interests outside of their day jobs! Many enjoy painting, animal husbandry, and participating in the thriving Astral Ultimate Frisbee community! This Squishable Reaper's chilly embrace is actually quite snuggly, truly the opposite of grim!

  1. Design: Despite its cute appearance, this plush figure depicts the Grim Reaper, a traditional symbol of death. It might have a cartoonish or "chibi" style, featuring big eyes, a soft body, and a smiling or neutral expression.

  2. Size: As the name suggests, this plush figure measures approximately 7 inches, making it a conveniently sized plush toy for cuddling or displaying.

  3. Material: Squishable plush figures are usually made of soft, huggable fabric with a squishy and squeezable quality, adding to their appeal and comfort.