Squishable Little Llama Micro 3 Inch Plush Figure



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Introducing the Squishable Little Llama Micro 3 Inch Plush Figure – the tiniest, most adorable companion that's ready to join you on big adventures! Get ready to be charmed by the cuteness overload of this squishable and huggable llama friend.

The Squishable Little Llama Micro stands at a compact 3 inches tall, making it the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand or accompany you wherever you go. Its small size adds an extra level of cuteness and portability, allowing you to take the Little Llama on all your exciting escapades.

Despite its tiny stature, this plush figure is big on squishability. Made with incredibly soft and plush materials, it's perfect for gentle squeezes and satisfying squishes. Let the Little Llama bring a touch of softness and comfort to your day as you give it a gentle squeeze and feel your stress melt away.

A great gift for any fan of the franchise! 

Recommended Age: 8+

Condition: Brand New